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  • Model No.:SB-230DQ/260DQ
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Key Features

  1. 30 / 60M twin beam sensor.
  2. Protection Range:30M / 60M for outdoor, 60M / 20M for indoor.
  3. Supply Voltage:10.5V~30V DC(Non-polarity).
  4. Detection System:infrared photoelectric.
  5. Double Modulation Beam Frequency.
  6. Selectable 4-channel Beam Frequency.
  7. A.G.C. circuit.
  8. High Grade Aspheric Lens.
  9. Rain, dust & insect Protection.
  10. Frost & dew protection.
  11. Adjustable Beam Interruption period.
  12. Static. Lightning & Surge resistance.
  13. External visible light protection.
  14. CE certificate.
  15. IP55 approval.



  • A.G.C. Circuit

The A.G.C.(Automatic Gain Control)Circuit continually

monitors for gradual changes in the signal’s strength caused

by changing weather conditions. It adjusts the sensitivity

accordingly to maintain the proper signal level for the current

environmental conditions.


  • Rain, dust, & insect protection

The rubber Ring and rubber Gromments could prevent rain,

dust, and tiny insects from adversely affecting performance.

  • Easy Optical Alignment

The ratating dial allows the installer to finely adjust the beam

easily either horizontally or vertically.

  • High Grade Aspheric Lens

The aspheric lens creates more sharply defined & precise

infrared beam for poor weather conditions.

  • Easy Installation

The pole mount brackets supplied will allow installation of

two units on a pole at the same height easily.